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13001193_490003874537641_8317804807497549950_n.jpgAfter 20 years of having issues with my digestion,   I  finally found a solution.   I had tried everything  and was really confused by all the different approaches to diet. Rose’s approach is individualised while she also has a great understanding of the science and when her channeling varies from this.   I also had allergy tests and came back with the same results in terms of what not to eat while Rose also gave me suggestions on what to eat as well. Rose also sorted out the different herbs and supplements that I was taking and varied these to meet my needs.  We also did energy work and my stress levels dropped considerably.  Issues I had just seemed to disappear.   I was surprised by how well I coped with the challengers in my life without resorting to bad habits.      Helen

I had tried everything to improve my debilitating health issues for 15 years.  I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t met Rose.   I was in pain everyday.   I found it difficult changing my life because I just couldn’t focus but I just persisted at my own pace.  I have never met anyone who clears energy at the depth that Rose does or who tunes in so fast.  She is an amazingly talented and diverse healer.     Diane

I have never felt better in my life than after working with Rose.    I had done a lot of work on understanding myself  but didn’t feel like I had cleared the energy so that I wasn’t triggered.   Then there is the improvement in my physical health like my cholesterol dropping from 17 to 3 and my angina disappearing.   Rose just seems to work purely from spirit without censoring what is coming in while being careful that she has it right.   She is truely unique and will be a leader in the field of energy medicine.   Donna 



 one to one        individualised nutrition  tiaqi for webUntitled 4    16420956-diagram-of-wellbeing


Lighten Up.   Lose your baggage and live life to it fullest.   This wholistic system of energy clearing is slightly ahead of the pack. It allows you to leave old patterns behind and create something new.    It clears and changers  physical,  mental  and emotional patterns that are unique to you.  It can be for feeling better now and also working on longer term patterns.   It depends on what your goals are.

  I’m Rose and I have over 25 years experience.  I am an intuitive that works with details about what will optimise your well-being.   Usually I clear specific energies .   Click through to see an   An example of a session .   I can also nurture you by optimising what to eat, what herbs to take, complimentary therapies or lifestyle patterns.  

Usually people use muscle testing for this kind of work. I can work through nutrition and lifestyle quickly, telling you what to include and exclude. I work in percentages and rate how well you are doing or bring in suggestions from the spirit of gaia for what you need to change.

In groups, I’m teaching Tai Chi and Qigong.   

These changers in well-being can happen a lot more quickly than what was once believed possible.   Some of my recent successes include  Helen confirming her diet with an allergy test, J…..   losing 11 kg in 2 weeks, helping with fertility and creating happy puppies.

The guide for my fees are $80 for an hour,  $70 if coming fortnightly and $60 weekly.  I usually charge more if the session goes over an hour.   If I’m looking at nutrition and lifestyle, the booking is for 2 hours and the charge for these 2 hours is $90.     I offer short sessions over Skype or phone for $20. This can prioritise what would work with you or you may want to check suggestion from another practitioner.   Getting things that work can  save a lot.

If cancelling an appointment, let me know as soon as possible.   There is a charge without cancellation unless it’s an emergency.  I work in person, on skype and through email.

Be Your Best.

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  1. Lovely video about Tai Chi. what’s the music?

  2. Katrina Robertshaw said:

    hi Rose I’m interested in your Tai Chi classes in Rangiora. Can you please tell me what time and where they will be held please.

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